Our values

Our vision for the business is underpinned by a strong set of values

Our purpose is to

Improve outcomes for professionals, caregivers and patients.

We do this by constantly looking for ways to deliver smart, outcome-focused solutions and improved experiences in both the professional sector and at home.

This will ensure we reach our vision

To become a leading player in the global healthcare market and a driving force to constantly advance healthcare for all.

To guide us towards our vision, we follow three core values

Incontinence Management: Transforming quality of life

We help, care and protect by:

  • providing a secure feeling and improving the quality of life for those living with incontinence
  • developing future-minded solutions that allow people to live with quality of life
  • developing future-minded solutions that provide healthcare professionals with higher quality and cost efficiency
  • using technology to fulfil the highest demands in reliability and efficacy

Wound management: 200 years of expertise

We help, care and protect by:

• developing easier and faster wound healing products

• bringing simplicity to people’s lives

• combining clinical efficacy and comfort

• providing innovative as well as economic solutions

• excelling in everything from faster cleansing and tissue build-up to wound closure

Personal healthcare: Smart and simple solutions

We help, care and protect by:

• developing personal diagnostics devices with convenience, accuracy and simplicity in mind

• designing first aid products that are easy to use and enable dependency

• having a family-oriented approach to new ideas

• providing solutions that are used and recommended by professionals for home use

• supporting individuals in managing their own health

Disinfection: Protection and prevention

We help, care and protect by:

• improving hygiene measures by advancing research and practical implementation

• offering the most trusted products and solutions

• reducing the risk of infections and the associated costs

Risk Prevention: Quality and efficiency you can trust

We help, care and protect by:

  • developing solutions and strategies that add value, increase efficiency and influence behaviour
  • offering innovative products that take safety to another level
  • making high-performing, quality products that people can rely on
  • being a partner that’s always there and always helps people perform