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Designed to speed up epithelialization - 13% of wounds completely healed after 8 weeks [12]

HydroTac® with AquaClear™ Gel-Technology is designed to promote growth factor concentration, boosting epithelial wound closure and accelerating the healing process.

Through a combination of AquaClear™ Gel-Technology and dressing characteristics, HydroTac® donates moisture to the wound, cools, soothes and enhances the wound healing process.7,9

The absorbent polyurethane foam absorbs exudate and retains it under compression.10 Maceration, is therefore reduced.7

HydroTac® alleviates pain on removal, due to the AquaClear® Technology.7,11

Growth Factors within exudate play an important role in wound healing but are often absorbed into foam dressings, preventing their healing action.2

HydroTac® promotes effective moisture balance whilst at the same time concentrating growth factors that help to promote re-epithialisation.

AquaClear™ Gel-Technology promotes faster wound healing. 44.5 % of patients experienced a relative wound area reduction of over 60 % in just 8 weeks”.12

Short Case Study

52 year old patient with a venous leg ulcer

Patient was treated with HydroTac®.

Every 3 to 4 days the woundwas reassessed.The wound healed

after 22 days of treatment which resulted inthe patient becoming pain free and the skin condition returning to normal.3

Mr Dudley, HydroTac patient
"From needing a wheelchair all the time, I can now walk and do all the stuff I used to do years ago. Its been a life changer."

Video Case Study

Hear from Vascular Nurse Specialist, Sharron Cole, and patient, Mr Dudley.

HydroTac Sizing

Dressing SizeDressings Per PackHARTMANN Code
6 cm round10685 849
10 x 10 cm10685 832
12.5 x 12.5 cm10685 837
20 x 20 cm10685 842
20 x 20 cm3685 844

18 x 18.5 cm concave

10685 825
Dressing SizeDressings Per PackHARTMANN Code
6.5x 10 cm10685 811
8 x 8 cm10685 810
12.5 x 12.5 cm10685 815
18 x 18 cm Sacral10685 827

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