Part of the Zetuvit Family of products

Zetuvit Plus Silicone

Super absorber with a silicone interface

Zetuvit® Plus Silicone

Super absorber with silicone.
The first atraumatic super absorber from HARTMANN – combining outstanding exudate management with simple and atraumatic wound care[1–5]

Effective: Superior Absorption and Retention

Better than currently available super-absorbent foam dressings with respect to the absorption and retention of exudate; high performance capability under compression dressings.

Gentle: Atraumatic dressing change and comfortable to wear[2,3,5]

No additional wound contact layer necessary; very soft with a good padding effect.

Easy: Initial adhesion for easier attachment of the wound dressing[2,3,5]

Rated as excellent or good by 100% of the users in a field trial.[2,5]

The ideal partner to HydroClean

Zetuvit®Plus Silicone offers excellent management of moderately to heavily exuding wounds - whether as a primary wound dressing or together with HydroClean®.

Zetuvit Plus Silicone Sizing

Overall Size (Absorbent Pad Size)Dressings Per PackHARTMANN Code
8 x 8cm (6 x 6cm)10413810
12.5 x 12.5cm (10.5 x 10.5cm)10413820
10 x 20cm (8 x 18cm)10413830
20 x 20cm (18 x 18cm)10413840
20 25cm (18 x 23cm)10413850

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