Targeted hand disinfectant use could prevent a third of healthcare-associated infections.

As well as producing convenient disinfectants we educate people on their importance.

Prevention and protection

Infectious disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and cross-contamination the primary cause of healthcare-associated infections. Huge progress has been made in hygiene and this has considerably improved and simplified clinical practice - but we still need to do more to further reduce the risk of infections and the associated costs. BODE SCIENCE CENTER, our scientific center of excellence, focuses on hygiene and infection protection. There we are committed to improving hygiene measures by examining infection risks and advancing research and practical implementation. We continuously innovate and challenge conventional thinking on staff and patient protection and help to develop effective, convenient and trusted products and solutions.
We help
We conduct more than 5,000 tests every year in our microbiological laboratory. But we go further than that. We provide healthcare facilities, and other sectors dependent on hygiene, with scientific background information, publications written by us, expert advice and practical service materials so they have the knowledge and confidence to implement effective optimized hygiene processes.
Image of nurses dressed in blue protective clothing walking down a hospital corridor

Our process

We combine extensive scientific research with up-to-date practical knowledge of healthcare environments to develop compliant hygiene solutions and supporting educational material.