Young woman disinfecting her hands.

From preventing a simple infection, to protecting from a global pandemic.

Hygiene education can reduce Healthcare-acquired infections by a third. Hartmann produces and educates about hand and surface disinfectants.

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Hartmann has long-standing relationships with clinical and academic partners, with who we are in constant exchange.Based on this intensive and direct exchange, we have developed practical solutions as well as tools and trainings for infection control, some of which have set new standards in healthcare. Our focus: Providing you with the best possible support in your daily work and increasing your safety and the safety of all healthcare workers and patients. Most of all in the fight against nosocomial infections.

At HARTMANN we recognise the importance of hygiene in reducing healthcare-associated infections. Not only do we offer an extensive range of products – for hand, skin, surface and instrument disinfection – but we also supply materials to inform and educate healthcare workers and patients of their value. Importantly, to encourage frequent use, we are committed to ensuring that our products are effective and compatible.

Our mission is to educate and encourage use

At our BODE/HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER we are focused on improving patient protection by advancing research and offering scientific and specialised expertise on hygiene management. We continuously innovate and challenge conventional thinking on staff and patient protection and develop practical and innovative solutions and standards.

From day-to-day use to outbreak situations

At HARTMANN we produce over 400 products for disinfection and cleansing, skin care and skin antisepsis, such as Sterillium®, the world’s first marketable alcohol-based rub-in product and the leading skin-friendly hand disinfectant, and:

Bacillol®, Baktolan®, Baktolin®, Bodedex®, BODE X-Wipes, Bomix®, Cutasept®, Dismoclean®, Dismozon®, Kohrsolin®, Korsolex®, Manusept®, Mikrobac®, Stellisept®, Sterillium®

Available in Hong Kong areBacillol®, Baktolin® and Sterillium®.