Wound Management

Faster wound healing

Find out how wet treatment therapy is benefitting both patients with chronic wounds and the healthcare professionals that look after them.

There are many reasons why different wounds heal at different speeds. The cause of the wound – whether it is an injury or related to a particular disorder – is a prime consideration but there are also patient-specific factors, such as their age, their existing medications and nutritional status. Whatever the reason, each wound will go through the same three-stage healing process.

Simplifying the healing process

To simplify treatment, and therefore improve the experience for both healthcare professional and patients, the logical solution is to find wound healing products that provide all the preconditions for the individual phases of healing in as few different dressings as possible.

As well as being more pleasant and gentle for patients, fewer dressing changes mean more efficient wound care. Carers’ time can be better utilised and the wound can remain undisturbed for longer periods of time, reducing the chance of contamination. From a health economics perspective there is greater cost-efficiency through shorter treatments.