Baktolan® protect + pure

Innovative water-in-oil-in-water (w/o/w) lotion for protection against aqueous solutions and for regenerating care at the same time of dry, highly stressed skin.
  • Termékek
  • Alkalmazás
  • Multimédia


  • innovative formula (W/O/W emulsion)
  • protects against water-soluble substances
  • promotes the skin's regeneration and strengthens the skin barrier
  • excellent skin compatibility
  • prevents skin irritations that might be caused by wearing gloves
  • significantly reduces skin irritaions
  • fragrance-and silicone-free
  • no impairment of the wholesomeness of food (HACCP assessed)
  • free of silicones and preservatives
  • free of parabenes


Baktolan® protect + pure

Original package

Termékinformáció 350 ml bottle
1 darab = 350 ml
1 karton = 20 darab
Termékinformáció Cikkszám Tartalom EAN
Original package
350 ml bottle
Cikkszám 9811823
1 darab = 350 ml 1 karton = 20 darab 4031678056217 4031678058822


Baktolan protect+ pure is a fragrance-free water-in-oil-in-water lotion, combining the properties of a quickly absorbed O/W formula and a protecting and maintaining W/O formula.
The containing bisabolol in its formula supports the skin regeneration and strengthens the natural protective function of healthy skin. Baktolan protect+ pure is easily spread and quickly absorbed without leaving an unpleasant greasy film on the skin.

Baktolan protect+ pure acts in three ways:
  • promotes the regeneration of stressed skin
  • has a high protective effect when working with aqueous solutions
  • strengthens the skin barrier