Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber

A backed superabsorbent dressing

Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber is a backed superabsorber designed to handle high exudate levels and is a much-loved brand with a strong heritage.

The blend of cellulose fluff and fluid retaining superabsorbent polymers (SAP) means Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorberis particularly suitable for treating superficial, heavily exuding acute and chronic wounds.

Zetuvit plus with corner showing inside product

Under compression use

Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber is ideal for use under compression through its excellent absorbency4, retention4 and fluid repellent backing to help prevent strikethrough. In fact, Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber has been rated by clinicians as 89% excellent or good when used under compression4

Benefits of a backed superabsorbent dressing verses a non-backed superabsorbent dressing

PropertiesNon-backed superabsorbent
Backed dressings like Zetuvit® Plus SuperabsorberThis means...
Maintains a moist wound environment while able to handle varying levels of exudation10Yes
YesWound healing is faster and scarring is reduced
Absorbs and retains fluidYesYes
Prevents damage to surrounding skin – including maceration and excoriation
Manages bioburden11YesYesReduces the risk of delayed healing by binding MMPs and
sequestering bacteria
Prevents strikethrough11NoYesReduces risk of cross infection and the transfer of exudate to a bandage. Improves patient quality of life / secondary dressing
Prevents external contamination entering the dressing i.e bacteriaNoYesReduces the risk of infection

Absorption and Retention – a comparison [2,3,4]

In a 52 patient study, all cases using Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber achieved effective exudate management [4]

Reliable prevention of leakage and strikethrough

Support of improved wound healing4 by proven reduction of maceration4 and absorption of excessive wound inhibitors (e.g. MMP’s)5,6

Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber is reassuringly simple to use and cost efficient4

✔ Giving security and comfort between dressing changes, empowering your patients4,7
✔ An ideal superabsorbent dressing option for a shared care approach
✔ Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber also wins on cost. Its absorbency means fewer dressing changes Offering cost and time savings for both you and your patient4
✔ Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorberdressing supports wound healing and is protective of periwound skin4
✔ Simple and easy to apply


Watch the video below to learn how to apply and remove Zetuvit® Plus Superabsorber and Zetuvit® Plus Silicone

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