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What is HOME?

HOME is the name of our shared care brand. Encouraging healthcare patients to take a more active role in their health, well-being and on-going healthcare treatment is a key driver for the NHS and becoming increasingly common. Not only is shared care on the rise - it is part of the NHS long term plan! With this in mind, we want to support both you, the healthcare professional, and your patient through the shared-care journey, with all the relevant tools needed to make every shared care agreement a success.
Text in image: "Holistic: Patient centred shared care. Outline: Patient shared care action plans. Manage: Patient friendly shared care pathways. Evaluate & Educate: Patient shared care for the future"

In this section of the website, you will find everything you need to assess where your patients are in their wound healing journey, decide whether now is the right time to agree a shared care approach, and agree the next steps through implementing a holistic plan.

HOME is the acronym of our four-step approach. HOME stands for Holistic, Outline, Manage, Education and Evaluation.

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Where are your patients with their wound healing journey?

Your patient’s position in their wound care journey is crucial to deciding whether they are ready for a shared care approach. If they are still in the early stages of their wound care journey, they may not be quite ready for a shared care approach. However, that does not mean a shared care agreement is not suitable for them, their wound healing journey just needs a little more time.

While you’re giving your patient’s wound healing process a little more time, this is a great opportunity to ask your patient some questions and scope out the opportunity of whether a shared care approach maybe an option for them. There are fundamental aspects that need to be initially considered for a patient to safely take part in their own care.


Create manageable objectives that you will set together.
It’s extremely important to make sure your patient is clear on their objectives and they fully understand their role and requirements to contribute to the successful management of their wound.

A patient friendly implementation plan should be Holistic and Outline a clear and simple action plan with clear objectives for both you, the healthcare professional, and patient.


You’ve now identified that your patient is ready to adopt a shared care approach and take part in the management of their wound. It’s now time to outline a shared care plan and you can do this is three easy steps…

Education and knowledge - Start by understanding your patient’s learning styles and what learning methods are best for them to pick up the skills they need to manage their self-care role.

Wound care objectives - Use the form below to request our HOME framework tool to help identify and set the right care plan and products.

Identify responsibilities - Finally, it’s time to identity how much shared care is delivered by the patient and you, the healthcare professional, and whether any other person will be involved.


Patient shared care for the future.

For shared care to be effective it will require continuous education, to ensure that the knowledge required to perform every task can be achieved safely and competently.

Use the supportive materials within our HOME package to help with your patients’ educational needs and cover any questions, advice, and support.

E for evaluation

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