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Education for Healthcare Professionals

What is LINK?

LINK is the name of our education brand. Our LINK education brand is recognised worldwide and is dedicated to the continuous education and development of healthcare professionals worldwide. There are many different elements within our LINK programme, from worldwide access to evidence-based medical education to face-to-face education training packages. With LINK, you are part of something bigger, and your clinical professional development opportunities are endless.

Part of the LINK programme

Training to suit you and your Clinical Team

LINK Education is our gold standard education, supported by tonnes of resources to support healthcare professionals in everyday clinical practice. Why not visit our LINK Hub website and access learning today, or discover our much-loved training, Game of Wounds?

Bespoke Training delivered by our Clinical Partnership Team

Improve your team’s skillset, at no extra cost to the NHS. We provide clinical and non-clinical training, to meet the development needs of your team, and to ensure your organisation meets its educational commitments and maintains the highest wound care practice standards possible.

NHS changes and landscape

Learn more about the latest reforms to the NHS. Gain insights how these affect your services, and how you can stay on track in a challenging healthcare environment. Advance key skills, such as how to manage a service and deliver enhanced patient outcomes – including managing cost effective care and the non-clinical aspects of the service.

Upstream Prevention

Let’s identify those patients at risk of developing further wound care challenges. We can help you to collate patient data for targeted care plans, and improved clinical outcomes, supporting a positive patient experience.

Case Study Support and Development

Hard work deserves to be recognised! Let’s showcase the value of your current care pathways, raise the profile of individual healthcare professionals and your trust name through case study development. Our Clinical Partnership Team can support you to create impactful case studies and share best practice effectively.

Treatment pathways

Establish your own clinical treatment pathways together with our dedicated team. We can work with you to define your service's needs and develop a strategy that works for your whole team. Together we can evaluate what treatment pathways you currently have, how this needs to be adapted, and formulate a pathway strategy. After this, our team will do all the work, from running workshops with all stakeholders, providing ongoing support through the implementation phase, and continuing support to review and ensure the pathways deliver and remains fit for purpose.

Looking after your personal data is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy where you can find detailed information on how we protect and use personal data. We might share your personal information with a responsible employee in the relevant country within the HARTMANN GROUP. Your personal data will never be transferred to any third parties outside the HARTMANN Group.