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Who we are 

Helps. Cares. Protects.

For 200 years, HARTMANN has proudly channeled its clinical and medical expertise into smart solutions that are accessible to everyone. HARTMANN will continue to be a partner to healthcare institutions while strengthening its outpatient activities even more.

HARTMANN solutions are available in over 100 countries around the world.

It is an exciting time to work in healthcare. Healthcare faces some tough challenges such as budget cuts, ageing populations, and increases in non-communicable diseases. That means there are plenty of opportunities to shape the healthcare of the future. HARTMANN has challenged healthcare conventions for 200 years and continues to go further with product solutions for hospitals that protect surgical teams and let them and the hospital work more efficiently. HARTMANN offers wound treatments that make health economic sense and bring simplicity to patients and caregivers’ lives. HARTMANN provides discreet solutions for people with incontinence that preserve their dignity. And HARTMANN continues to pioneer disinfection solutions for healthcare professionals all over the world.

In the UK&I we have three business divisions: 

Wound care 

HARTMANN Wound Care strives to enable the progression towards complete wound healing that patients deserve, and strengthen the confidence that healthcare professionals need to provide it.

We only measure success by the value our time-tested solutions at each stage of our patients’ wound-healing journey. Our goals are fewer dressing changes, less pain involved in each dressing change and more time for living life.

We serve as a sounding board for specialists and as a support system for healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and global information exchange.

Simply put: patient care is our priority. Healthcare professionals are our partners. Our commitment to deliver help, care and protection for people has been consistent for more than 200 years and this is how we will lead our industry tomorrow.

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Infectious disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and cross-contamination the primary cause of healthcare-associated infections. Huge progress has been made in hygiene and this has considerably improved and simplified clinical practice - but we still need to do more to further reduce the risk of infections and the associated costs.

HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER, our scientific center of excellence, focuses on hygiene and infection protection. There we are committed to improving hygiene measures by examining infection risks and advancing research and practical implementation. We continuously innovate and challenge conventional thinking on staff and patient protection and help to develop effective, convenient and trusted products and solutions.

We conduct more than 5,000 tests every year in our microbiological laboratory. But we go further than that. We provide healthcare facilities, and other sectors dependent on hygiene, with scientific background information, publications written by us, expert advice and practical service materials so they have the knowledge and confidence to implement effective optimized hygiene processes.
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Continence Management
HARTMANN has been providing incontinence products for over 50 years and helping people affected by bladder weakness to manage their daily life.

Using extensive research, we find holistic solutions that meet individuals’ practical demands, as well as giving them emotional confidence and a secure feeling through our products.

Millions of people live with urinary incontinence. It can happen to anyone at any age and its impact can be temporary or long-term.Yet it remains a subject we don’t seem comfortable to talk about; with many people suffering in silence rather than asking for help.So, as well as developing innovative products and services, we actively look for opportunities to simplify our consumers’ lives.

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