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We use the so-called extended privacy mode to integrate YouTube videos. In this mode, the setting of YouTube cookies on your device is initially blocked when you visit our website. Only when you click on the preview image the video will be loaded. This is possible by the fact that you are technically redirected to the YouTube website. From that point on, we no longer have any control over what data is sent to YouTube and what cookies or other means are used by YouTube to track users or analyze user behavior. For more information about YouTube's use of cookies, please see the Google Privacy Policy and the Google's cookie policy. Once a YouTube cookie is set, you can delete it from your browser at any time. For more information about deleting cookies, please refer to the website of your browser provider.

2018 年 6 月,赫曼慶祝成立 200 週年。由 2017 年 6 月開始,我們每星期都上載一篇關於 200 週年慶典的故事,介紹我們各個成就背後的思想,推動創新的熱誠,和促使我們為健康更進一步的各人。


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