Warm-up for muscles, ligaments, etc.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, play a sport or enjoy yoga, warming up properly beforehand is essential. An easy warm-up gets your circulation going and provides your muscles with blood. This is important in order to prevent injuries to tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.
While there is no one type of classic warm-up, a mixture of jogging and stretching is always a good choice.

Step 1: Easy jogging warm-up
Your whole body should be “in motion” before you start working out. If you are at the gym, the running machine or rowing machine are good choices. At home, you can simply run or jog on the spot, running while lifting your knees, running while kicking your heels up at the back or skipping rope can get your body going.

Various aerobics exercises, such as the step-touch, knee lift or leg curl, can also prepare your body for working out. Prefer warming up outside? A ten-minute jog outdoors is perfect.

Step 2: Gentle stretching
Once you’ve got your circulation going, you should also prepare your muscles and joints for the workout. You can do this by loosening up and stretching. By selecting a specific stretching programme, you can target particular muscles in order to prepare them for the workout. Is today “leg day”? Then integrate a few lunges into your warm-up.

Warm-up – how long for, and what comes afterwards?
The length of your warm-up depends on various factors. Older people require longer warm-ups than younger people, for example. If you prefer to work out in the morning, you will need a longer warm-up than someone working out in the evening. However, the general rule of thumb is between ten minutes and half an hour.

Rehydrating briefly after warming up is a great idea. However, do not leave too much time before actually embarking on your workout. During long breaks, your body cools down and this is counterproductive.

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