Product Range

Reaching the maximum while exercising and improving one´s health has become a very important part of people´s daily life. Small injuries such as strains, muscle problems or tension can, however, disrupt training and fitness goals. DermaPlast® ACTIVE is a professional, easy to use range for the fast and effective treatment of typical sports injuries, for the prevention of complaints and the full utilisation of one‘s physical capabilities. A total of nine products, used daily by top athletes and in physiotherapy, help relieve acute pain, relax tense muscles, stabilise joints and ligaments and help with body stress or overuse complaints such as a tennis elbow. The DermaPlast® ACTIVE products are organized into the three categories of “Cooling”, “Warming” as well as “Stabilizing/Supporting” and can be used before training to prevent injuries, during exercise to get the best out of your workout and after training to treat minor sports injuries. Through immediate action, the support of stressed muscle groups or the healing process in case of injuries can be accelerated. Therefore, this most versatile product range belongs in every sports bag.

"Choosing the right DermaPlast® ACTIVE product"