Boxing meets Pilates = Piloxing

Pilates and boxing? Can they be combined? Of course they can, says Viveca Jensen, the inventor of the latest trend sport, Piloxing, who created a high-octane full-body workout that is now offered by gyms all over the world.

Barefoot training to fast-paced music
Piloxing combines various punch combinations from boxing with Pilates exercises and dance steps. Boosted by fast-paced music, you can quickly burn 600 calories in an hour.
Before getting down to it, however, you need to take your shoes off! Piloxing is either done in special non-slip socks or barefoot. If you want to intensify the workout for your arms, you can use Piloxing gloves, which are each filled with 300 g of granules to strengthen the muscles.

Strength training and stamina training
The boxing exercises primarily focus on building stamina, strength and agility. In addition to physical fitness, the various combinations also require your complete concentration. The Pilates elements strengthen your deep muscles and result in a healthy posture.

With powerful punches, squats and jumps, Piloxing really works every muscle. Regular training can quickly boost your stamina and agility.

Try it for yourself!
Want to try Piloxing for yourself? Lots of gyms and clubs now offer courses. Alternatively, you can make the workout come to you: Piloxing is now available on DVD.

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