Atrauman® Ag

Atrauman® Ag is thin, soft and can be cut into size and is drapable.
Atrauman® Ag ensures close contact with the whole surface of the wound.
Atrauman® Ag supports painless dressing change by minimizing adhesion to wounds.
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Atrauman Ag is a non-adherent wound contact layer suitable for the treatment of chronic wounds, such as ulcus cruris, diabetic leg ulcer and decubitus. It is also suitable for the treatment of acute burns up to 2nd degree. Atrauman Ag is suitable for the treatment on the human skin by professional users.
Support fabric made of polyamide fibres coated with elemental silver. The impregnation is non-medicated and triglyceride based (neutral lipids). The impregnation contains (INCI assigned names): Caprylic/Capric/Myristik/Stearic Triglyceride; Bis-diglycerylpolyacyladipate-2 and Macrogol 2000.
The soft, thin support fabric drapes easily and ensures close contact with the wound base. The fabric’s surface and the impregnation counteract adhesion to the wound; as a result, the dressing supports atraumatic dressing changes. Atrauman Ag acts as a silver-containing barrier dressing. The impregnation protects the wound edges helping to prevent maceration, it is non-medicated, contains no paraffin.

Atrauman® Ag

Atrauman Ag is a non-adherent silver-containing barrier dressing for atraumatic wound treatment.

Sterile, individually sealed

Product Information 5x5 cm
Article Number
Nappi Code
1 Folding box of 10 pieces
1 Box of 12 Folding boxes
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Sterile, individually sealed
5x5 cm
Article Number 4995716
Nappi Code 428268001
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 12 Folding boxes 4049500271349 4049500491839


Take the Atrauman Ag from the peel pack with both cover papers in place and, if necessary, cut it so that it fits the size of the wound by applying sterile conditions. Atrauman Ag should overlap the wound and should be about the same size as the secondary dressing. Remove the cover paper on one side. Either place the free side on the wound and then remove the remaining cover paper (see pictograms 1 – 5) or use sterile tweezers or sterile gloves to pick up Atrauman Ag from the second cover paper and place it on the wound (see pictograms a-f). Atrauman Ag should be applied in a single layer, do not fold or apply in multiple layers. Secure a suitable sterile, secondary dressing (either absorbent or superabsorbent dressings, foam dressings or gauzes e.g. Zetuvit Plus) according to its use instructions over Atrauman Ag to absorb wound exudate. As an alternative, the Vivano negative pressure wound therapy system can be used. In particular, in the case of deep wounds, it must be ensured, that Atrauman Ag is in direct contact with the absorbent wound dressing so that no creasing occurs in order to guarantee unimpaired drainage of exudate. In the case of thick exudate, it is recommended to cut in Atrauman Ag with sterile scissors to prevent accumulation of exudate. Please observe the related instructions for use before combining the dressing with the Vivano negative
pressure wound therapy system. The efficacy of the barrier dressing lasts for up to seven days. Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor or medically indicated, a new Atrauman Ag dressing should be applied at each dressing change. The wear time of one dressing shall not exceed seven days.