Wound Management

When it comes to the welfare of people, ideas are needed. Hartmann ideas have over a 100-year tradition in the treatment of wounds for the benefit of people, as well as their implementation in routine medical practice.

In the last decade, research has opened many new perspectives in the treatment of wounds. The use of modern wound dressings goes far beyond the traditional functions of covering of the wound and/or absorption of wound exudate. With modern products, therapeutic effects can be achieved based on different modes of action. They actively engage in the processes of wound healing and support the natural physiological processes. Their high therapeutic benefits, especially in the treatment of poor healing wounds, are of great importance.

Therefor, we are a competent provider of wound dressings, from the basic  wound treatment,  post-operative dressings, retention bandages and dressings. We also offer Advanced Wound Dressings, compression bandages, Hydroactive Wound dressings for the more complicated wounds.