Incontinence stage

What if confidence and dignity were restored to the people affected by bladder weakness?

At HARTMANN we focus on the psychological as well as the physical implications of the condition.

Incontinence Articles

Read articles about incontinence and how to manage it day-to-day.

HARTMANN Incontinence

Stress incontinence - easily explained

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Bladder or bowel control problems affect around 5% of the population and as many as 20% of over 40s. Severity varies from person to person and both men and women of all ages experience it at some point in their lives. At HARTMANN we recognise we need to do more than address the physical symptoms. So, as well as high leakage protection, we offer discretion, support and advice.

Going further to improve the quality of life for those living with incontinence.

At HARTMANN our priority is to work with users to discover exactly what they need – practically and psychologically - then respond with discrete, effective, holistic solutions. However serious their condition – from active mobile to bedridden – they are assured of secure leakage protection, skin irritation prevention, high wearing comfort and ease of use.
From occasional bladder weakness to very severe incontinence, with incontinence products from HARTMANN, both nursing staff and persons affected can be sure that they are using high quality disposable products, customised to individual needs.
Our incontinence range comprises:
Incontinence pads (anatomic pads for slight, slight-to-moderate, moderate, severe and very severe incontinence), Incontinence Pull Ups (for slight and moderate bladder weakness), Elasticated Net Pants, All-in-One Incontinence Briefs (for moderate, severe and very severe incontinence) and Incontinence Under Pads (cellulose layer underpads and cellulose fluff underpads).

From occasional or light to very severe bladder weakness

Selecting the correct absorbent incontinence product depends on how much urine is actually excreted, as well as on the usual or required changing rhythms.

Once the average amount has been established, the HARTMANN Inco System makes it easy to select the most suitable product. HARTMANN absorbent products feature a special colour code corresponding to the four degrees of severity of incontinence and thus to the different amounts of urine excreted per hour. The colour code is used both on all of the packaging, as well as on the backing foil of the product itself.

Yellow – Slight

Green – Slight to moderate

Blue – Moderate

Purple - Severe

Our continence product range comprises:

MoliCare® Premium Lady & Men Pads, MoliCare® Premium Form - Absorbent pads

MoliCare® Premium Mobile -
Pull up pants

MoliCare® Premium Fixpants -
Elasticated fixation pants

MoliCare® Premium Elastic -
All in one slip with elasticated side panels

MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat -
Textile bed protector

MoliCare® Skin - Skin care range for the elderly
Vala® patient care - Disposable products for professional care