Wound contact layer

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  • Paraffin-free wound contact layer for protection and atraumatic treatment
  • Allows for gentle, atraumatic dressing changes which minimizes pain upon removal
  • Non-adherent to wound bed, underlying tissues, and secondary dressings. Porous construction permeable to wound exudate
  • For treatment of superficial, acute and chronic, slightly to moderately exudating wounds of all types
  • Can be cut to the size of the wound



How to apply:

  • Clean and dry the wound area per protocol prior to application.
  • Take Atrauman out of the peel pack with both product covers in place and, if needed, cut it with sterile scissors to the size of the wound.
  • After removal of one of the product covers, place this side of the dressing onto the wound and remove the second cover.
  • Place a sterile, absorbent dressing pad over the Atrauman dressing to absorb exudate.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician or another healthcare professional, apply a new Atrauman dressing at each dressing change.
  • The wear time of the dressing depends on the condition of the wound and the level of exudate.
  • Note: If there are therapeutic reasons for not changing the dressing, the ointment may be absorbed when left in place for a longer period of time.
  • In this case possible wound adhesion which may occur can be eliminated by placing a second Atrauman dressing over the first one.