Proximel® Non-Border

Three-Layer Silicone Foam Dressing 

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  • Silicone adhesive is gentle on patients' skin to reduce irritation and pain, enabling the dressing to be changed without stripping epidermal cells
  • Unique tapered edge allows dressing to lay smooth around wound edges
  • Can be lifted or repositioned without adherence failure
  • Dressing core supports fast absorption and helps minimize maceration risk
  • High breathability (MVTR) supports good moisture balance
  • Waterproof, bacteria proof and air-permeable


How to apply:

  • Clean and dry the wound area per protocol prior to application.
  • Remove the release films and apply the adherent side to the wound. Do not stretch.
  • The dressing should overlap the dry surrounding skin by at least .4 to .8 inches (1-2cm).
  • Dressing stays in place during wrapping or when requiring secondary fixation.
  • The frequency of replacing the dressing depends on the patient’s condition and exudate level. Wear time is no more than 7 days.

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