HARTMANN Adds Antimicrobial Option to Silicone Foam Family

Feb. 25, 2018 – HARTMANN, a leading provider of wound care, compression and adult incontinence solutions, today announced the expansion of its Proximel® line of silicone foam dressings to include a new, antimicrobial option called Proximel Ag. Indicated for high, medium and low levels of exudate, Proximel Ag delivers a sustained release of silver ions over time, ensuring antimicrobial effectiveness (up to 99.99%) against a wide range of pathogens for up to seven days.*

“The introduction of Proximel Ag aligns to HARTMANN’s continued commitment to provide new wound care solutions for clinicians in the U.S. The antimicrobial line of dressings leverage HARTMANN’s 200 year history in wound healing and will provide clinicians additional benefits and choice while providing patient care,” said Mark Lacerte, President and Managing Director of HARTMANN USA. “It allows clinicians to bring the comfort and healing benefits of our silicone foam dressing to the treatment of wounds that are infected or at risk for infection.”

All Proximel silicone foam dressings feature a unique five-layer design that is highly effective at absorbing exudate, maintaining a moist healing environment and reducing pressure at the wound site. Lab tests show that Proximel consistently maintains adhesive integrity, provides pressure reduction and redistribution, and offers excellent fluid handling capacity through its high moisture vapor transfer rate (MTVR) that supports good moisture balance.* Proximel comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be conformed to fit the most challenging anatomical locations. Proximel is an effective yet comfortable dressing solution that helps drive patient comfort and compliance throughout their continuum of care.

HARTMANN is a leading provider of wound care, compression and adult incontinence solutions. As a forward-thinking company, HARTMANN partners with healthcare professionals across the continuum of care to develop and implement novel solutions designed to promote healing, increase operational efficiencies and improve quality of life.

*Data on file