Carolina Caring Launches Wound Care Program in Collaboration with Hartmann USA

Carolina Caring has launched a Wound Care Program in collaboration with Hartmann USA. The program is designed to help patients and families manage chronic wounds to decrease pain and promote better healing. The program uses Hartmann’s specialized absorbent products that reduce the risk of wound leakage, which can help to reduce the risk of infection.

“The safety of our patients has always been our top priority,” says Sue Nelson, Carolina Caring’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations. “But when COVID hit, we intensified our efforts to prevent its spread by introducing new, innovative wound products to help keep our patients safe by decreasing the exposure risk to patients and staff while increasing staff and family education.”

Standardizing wound care processes at Carolina Caring’s Hospice Houses and Palliative Medicine Clinics supports an optimal healing environment and helps to reduce wound healing time. Carolina Caring staff also provides guidance and training for families and caregivers on similar processes that can be used at home to help them gently manage wound dressing changes for their patient or loved one. For more information, please call 828.466.0466.

Carolina Caring, founded in 1979, is an independent, community-based, nonprofit health care provider. It specializes in programs that offer relief from chronic conditions, serious illnesses, and the challenges they bring, including palliative medicine and hospice care for all ages, primary care and grief counseling. Currently, Carolina Caring serves 12 counties across western North Carolina and the Charlotte Region. For more information about Carolina Caring, please call 828.466.0466 or visit www.CarolinaCaring.org