Sterillium® | More than outstanding hand disinfection

A true-blue icon: Sterillium® has been by our side since 1965. Tried and tested for decades, Sterillium® was the first marketable hand rub with good skin tolerability and has been used millions of times each day since 1965.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the difference - we know hands are the number one factor in germ transmission across the healthcare industry. That’s why we’re dedicated to improving hand hygiene through continuous product development and research.

Sterillium® is dedicated to hand hygiene - creating better patient safety, a healthier work environment, safer lives of healthcare professionals, and the well-being of your loved ones at home.
Sterillium product family

We recommend the following hand routine for complete hygiene and skin protection:

Step 1 Baktolin® | Hand cleansing

Step 2 Sterillium® | Hand disinfection

Step 3 Baktolan® | Hand protection and care

The complete Sterillium®range of products is compatible for use with our Baktolin®hand cleansing range and Baktolan®hand protection and care range.

Step 2 Sterillium


Sterillium® is our classic alcohol-based hand disinfection - which has thrived for over 50 years!

Sterillium® is a go-to favourite for millions of people worldwide, thanks to its reliable antimicrobial activity and superior skin-friendliness.

Sterillium® classic pure

Colourant and fragrance-free

Sterillium® classic pure is our colourant-free and fragrance-free variant of classic Sterillium®, particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Sterillium® med

Colourant and fragrance-free

Sterillium® med is suitable for year-round infection prevention. Thanks to its highly efficient formula with 85% ethanol, Sterillium® med provides complete virucidal activity, including norovirus - tested with the murine norovirus (MNV). While also being colourant-free and fragrance-free.

Sterillium® Gel

Sterillium® Gel is our highly effective hand disinfection gel with comprehensive antimicrobial activity and a tried-and-tested moisturising complex. Sterillium® Gel is perfect for all areas of healthcare, home care patients, the elderly, babies, public facilities and travelling, due to its gel easy rub-in consistency.

Sterillium® Gel pure

Colourant and fragrance-free

Sterillium Gel® pure is our colourant-free and fragrance-free variant of Sterillium® Gel for, particularly sensitive skin. While a highly effective hand disinfection gel with comprehensive antimicrobial activity and a tried-and-tested moisturising complex.
Sterillium family product ingredients

Numerous clinical trials, field reports and expert opinions confirm - the excellent skin compatibility of our Sterillium® products – irrespective of whether it's a liquid or gel!

Our complete Sterillium® range is suitable for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection – independent of washbasin and water.

✔ Good skin compatibility
✔ High level of safety
✔ Broad spectrum of activity
✔ Pleasant smell
✔ Good rub-in characteristics
✔ Easy handling
✔ Short exposure times

Sterillium® increases skin hydration

When it comes to maintaining effective hand hygiene, keeping your skin's health is vital as it allows regular hand hygiene to be maintained.

The graph below reflects the results of a study using Sterillium® classic pure under practical conditions investigating the effect of an alcohol-based hand disinfectant on the skin - the repeated use of Sterillium® classic pure increased skin hydration.

Sterillium classic pure hand hydration graph
The study was conducted over a period of 10 days in which Sterillium® classic pure was applied a total of 300 times. 30 times every day to one hand of the test subjects and disinfected with 3 ml for 30 seconds. The second hand was not treated. The skin condition was assessed, and the skin hydration was determined with a corneometer. Source: RCTS, Barry (2014).

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