Hand cleansing and washing lotion

Baktolin® is a washing lotion that’s not only suitable for hand washing but is suitable for whole body cleansing, meaning it’s perfect for not only hospital areas but nursing and care homes too.

The Baktolin® product range offers alkali and soap-free lotions with a skin-friendly pH value - helping to maintain the skins natural protective acid mantle with thorough but gentle cleansing properties.

None of the Baktolin® products has antimicrobial ingredients, meaning the Baktolin® range is solely for skin cleansing. However, where antimicrobial hand hygiene is required, our Sterillium®product range should be used.
Baktolin products

We recommend the following hand routine for complete hygiene and skin protection:

Step 1 Baktolin® | Hand cleansing

Step 2 Sterillium® | Hand disinfection

Step 3 Baktolan® | Hand protection and care

The complete Baktolin®range of products is compatible for use with our Sterillium®hand disinfection range and Baktolan®hand protection and care range.

Step 1 Baktolin

Baktolin® sensitive

Baktolin® sensitive is a mild washing lotion for normal skin types with a delicate fragrance. Unlike Baktolin® pure, which is completely fragrance-free.

Baktolin® pure

Baktolin® pure is a mild washing lotion for normal skin types.

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