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Our answer for any wound

The Atrauman range provides the ideal support when treating wounds every day – one of the three wound contact layers is always what’s needed.

Atrauman® - Three wound contact layers

The Atrauman products are HARTMANN’s range for various types of wounds, providing the perfect solution for every requirement. With their specific characteristics, the products effectively aid the healing process – from gentle wound care and practically painless wound protection to reliably combatting bacteria. This provides doctors, nursing staff and patients with a more relaxing approach to wound care. Watch how Atrauman products help medical staff in their daily routine with patients.

"I’m happy I didn’t have to have stitches, thanks to Atrauman® Silicone. Now I can go back to playing boules with my granddaughter every week."

1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)

Atrauman® Silicone: Silicone wound contact layer to protect delicate skin structures

Atrauman Silicone

Provides secure, atraumatic protection

  • Coated with silicone gel on both sides
  • Prevents adherence to the wound and secondary dressings
  • Suitable for wounds with light to moderate exudate
  • Ideal as a protective layer on non-exuding wounds
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Thin, soft, can be cut to size and conformable
  • Permeable to exudate
  • Adheres gently and securely to dry surfaces
  • Can be combined with the Vivano negative-pressure wound therapy system

"I scraped my knee badly while climbing. Luckily, Atrauman® is ideal for my sensitive skin."

1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)

Atrauman®: Non-medicated contact layer

Provides gentle, secure wound care

  • Non-medicated ointment
  • Non-adherent
  • For the treatment of superficial acute and chronic wounds of any type
  • For keeping wound edges and surrounding skin supple
  • Particularly suitable for preventing the secondary dressing from sticking to the wound bed
  • Ensures the flow of exudate into the secondary dressing
  • Can be cut to size easily
  • Especially useful in dermatology as well as for patients with sensitive skin and those sensitive to certain medications

Atrauman Paul Hartmann AG

"Grit and dirt often end up in the wound while skating, but I only go to the doctor if it doesn't get better after a few days. Atrauman® Ag then stops bacteria reliably."

1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)

Atrauman® Ag: Silver-containing contact layer with antibacterial properties

Atrauman AG Hartmann

Reliably stops bacteria

  • Ideal as a supplementary treatment for wounds that are infected or exposed to contaminants
  • Suitable for infection prophylaxis
  • Hydrophobic polyamide mesh tulle
  • Ointment contains plant-based fatty acids
  • No added Vaseline or other paraffin-based compounds
  • Prevents adherence to the wound
  • Permeable to secretions
  • Very soft and conformable
  • Can be combined with the Vivano negative-pressure wound therapy system