Risk Prevention

How can disposable surgical equipment reduce infection risk?

Our innovative single-use surgical and pre-surgical products minimise cross-contamination.

Risk Prevention Articles

Stay informed about information and initiatives to improve patient safety.

At HARTMANN we’re addressing an issue faced throughout the medical industry – how can more operations and treatments be performed with the same headcount without compromising clinical standards? We work closely with healthcare professionals to identify ways to improve patient safety with cost-saving, time-saving solutions.

Going further to improve safety and increase efficiency

At HARTMANN we’ve developed a range of unique disposable surgical drapes (Foliodrape) and gowns (Foliodress) that offer a high degree of safety, support effective infection control and, importantly, offer an economic alternative to reusable textile systems. We can provide different material qualities and product designs to respond to surgery-specific requirements.

From disposable surgical gloves to pre-packaged sterile sets that reduce prep times and increase productivity

HARTMANN’s risk prevention range for operating theatres, treatment rooms and wards consists of:

Surgical drapes (surgical drape sheets, special surgical drapes, surgical draping sheets for general surgery/gynaecology and obstetrics/orthopaedics and accident surgery/ENT, oral and maxillofacial surgery/urology and cardiothoracic, cardiovascular and neurosurgery, accessories), Operating theatre clothing (disposable scrub clothing, surgical gowns (standard), surgical gowns (reinforced), surgical masks, surgical caps), X-ray detectable surgical absorbents, Personal and patient hygiene, Examination gloves (latex powder-free)