Personal Healthcare

How is hospital technology revolutionising home healthcare?

Individuals can access unprecedented information with which to guide their healthcare decisions.

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Discover home diagnostic devices and the value of patients managing their own health.

At HARTMANN we’re adapting professional diagnostic devices for home use, giving individuals a convenient way of monitoring and understanding their health. Our personal diagnostic devices and first aid products maintain the same quality standards as those used within the healthcare service and all are recommended by professionals for home use.

Going further to empower individuals and families

Everybody's health needs are different. So at HARTMANN we offer in-home products that are tailored to the precise needs of our customers. We help customers to understand their health issues so they feel better informed when it comes to making decisions about their wellbeing. Our diagnostic devices are designed to be convenient, accurate and easy to use.

From monitoring devices and thermometers to first aid supplies

Self-monitoring allows people to be more aware of their bodies, giving them regular updates on any changes or areas of concern. Preventative healthcare can pick up asymptomatic diseases, such as hypertension, giving sufferers the information they need to either make lifestyle changes or seek medical advice.

Our first aid bags allow instant access to dressings and plasters for minor cuts and burns. Use on the move or keep at home.

HARTMANN’s personal healthcare devices and equipment includes:

Blood pressure monitors (upper arm or wrist, blood pressure monitor accessories), Thermometers (professional digital, consumer digital, consumer infrared and accessories for digital thermometers) and Adhesive plasters.