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The BODE SCIENCE CENTER provides healthcare facilities - and other sectors dependent on hygiene – with research based guidance, expertise and practical tools to help them implement and maintain excellent hygiene and infection protection standards.

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER is HARTMANN’s scientific centre of excellence for hygiene and infection protection.
Founded in 2011, the center focuses on one of the most important challenges healthcare facilities are facing, how to protect patients and healthcare workers against infection.

The center recognises that results of clinical studies are often difficult to implement so it offers practical guidance to help hospitals.


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  • Develops practical infection prevention solutions that are backed by scientific evidence.
  • Carries out active research into increasing patient protection, in conjunction with international opinion leaders.
  • Offers scientific and specialist expertise on hygiene management.
  • Provides certified e-learning tools with high quality visual support.
  • Supplies advice and information on infection protection.

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s core competences are:

  • Scientific publications on current topics

By focusing on applied science, the BODE SCIENCE CENTER enhances medical professionals’ knowledge by advancing research and practical implementation. Its pragmatic scientific publications, including clinical studies, provide healthcare facilities - and other sectors dependent on hygiene - with scientific background information to improve their daily practice. Each offers a practical, relevant, solution approach to effective hygiene management.

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  • Development of new standards
    By translating research findings into actionable tools, BODE SCIENCE CENTER plays an active role in pushing hospital practice, establishing new standards and improving overall safety . Findings are shaped into manuals that are easy to implement. Due to HARTMANN’s extensive knowledge of medical processes and experience in all hygiene segments (hand, skin, surface and instruments) the BODE SCIENCE CENTER is able to ensure holistic standards with models that can easily be transferred from one segment to another.
  • High level of guidance
    The BODE SCIENCE CENTER produces pragmatic tools that offer comprehensive guidance for daily practice. For example:
    • Highly relevant educational information materials.
    • Practical, actionable steps to reinforce standards e.g. preparations and measures to ensure basic hygiene in operating theatres from hand hygiene to instrument disinfection manuals
    • Abstracts of studies and expert interviews on infection protection
    • An e-learning platform where hygiene activities can be studied by individual target groups (nurses, doctors etc.)
    • An A-Z guide to pathogens
    • Easy access to Norms & Listings

For more information and access to studies, please visit http://www.bode-science-center.com