At the HART

Meet our helping hands

Team spirit and solidarity, but also adrenalin and speed are at the core of every work day at the HARTMANN plant fire brigade. All the firefighters agree on this. We met three of them.

In 1935, HARTMANN followed the example of many companies and founded their own plant fire brigade. Since then, its scope of work has steadily grown. Technical assistance, environmental protection or animal rescue have been added to the essential firefighting operations. A wide range of services are being managed by the men and women of the HARTMANN plant fire brigade, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So who are these people who are committed to safety at HARTMANN every day? For the second part of our anniversary story we met with three of them.

2018 marks HARTMANN’s 200-year anniversary.

To commemorate this milestone, we have put together this series of articles. In it we show how our employees and partners contribute to advancing healthcare, as well as discussing trends and issues that affect the healthcare systems we serve.