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HARTMANN UK Welcome 500th Employee


HARTMANN UK Welcome 500th Employee

HARTMANN UK is proud to announce that it has recently welcomed its 500th recruit.

Nino Nicolosi was employed at the beginning of June bringing HARTMANN UK’s total number of employees recruited to an impressive 500. The first employee was hired in 1986, and in the last 33 years, the company has seen incredible growth. Trevor Coupe, Finance Director at HARTMANN UK explains, “In addition, we have a very low turnover of staff with the average tenure for HARTMANN employees being around 10 years, so to have reached our 500th recruit is quite a milestone.”

Nicolosi, whose career in medical sales began in 1998, was awarded a position in HARTMANN’s Wound Management team after showing incredible dedication and passion for HARTMANN products. After extensive research he found himself applying to the company directly rather than taking the traditional agency-led route showing his admiration for the company from the very beginning of the application process.

“I applied directly to HARTMANN because I knew of their reputation and it was quite lucky that at that particular time, they were looking for people.” Nicolosi explains, “When you make a career-changing decision at 48 you think of the longevity. What I did on this occasion was wait until the right company came along, I find then you can truly immerse yourself in the job rather than just going for the ride.”

Nicolosi’s admiration for HARTMANN came from knowledge of the company’s longstanding history and a passion for wound care. After working in various medical sales roles, he began to admire the ethical benefits of wound care from a customer’s perspective. “The reason I love wound care is that it has an immediate effect and an immediate impact on people’s lives. A wound care product makes a patient’s life better from day one.”

Nino Nicolosi, 500th HARTMANN recruit.

He witnessed the quality of HARTMANN’s products first hand when completing his application as his own son underwent minor surgery. Whilst admiring the quality of the dressing his son was given, Nicolosi realised it was HARTMANN branded. “It was like serendipity or fate. It was a little bit like a wake-up moment for me to see my son come out of hospital and realising the company I was applying for a job for had a part in his recovery.”

However, it was HARTMANN’s core values of professionalism, passion and partnership that Nicolosi respected the most, feeling that they matched his own beliefs and ethics within the sales world. “If you have passion it becomes contagious and the customers can see that” he explained.

Having only been with the company for a matter of weeks, Nicolosi has thrown himself into the role, working as a Sales Manager in the Gloucestershire region. He has already gained a positive impression of the HARTMANN brand and the opportunities it offers all employees. “HARTMANN has a great deal of consideration for its people. My previous company was very large and at times you feel like you’re a little dot in the ocean” he continued, “with HARTMANN, although you’re part of a massive global organisation, the UK branch is run with its own autonomy so you don’t get squashed.

“When I first stepped into the head office, I got a really warm welcome. Everybody was friendly, welcoming and understood that starting a new role can be daunting, as there is an awful lot to learn. I’ve been lucky to have been allocated a Line Manager who understands that knowledge and expertise in this particular field comes gradually.”

When asked what he wanted to achieve from the role, Nicolosi responded “I would like to become the go-to person for all of my customers and clinicians within my area. I don’t have a scientific background but what I would love to achieve is to be the first person they call if there’s a problem in the community. I absolutely love being out and about, travelling around my territory and seeing customers. If I can do that for the rest of my life, I will be a happy person.”

HARTMANN hope to see further growth in the coming years and welcoming Nicolosi as their 500th team member is just the beginning. The company hopes to further invest in its employees, with the success of the HARTMANN Extra platform and Fit to Lead programme being just the beginning. These steps all ensure retention rates are high and that staff remain happy and motivated.