HARTMANN UKI is the latest Leg Club industry partner


HARTMANN UKI is the latest Leg Club industry partner

HARTMANN UKI is proud to announce they are now Leg Club industry partners!

The Leg Club Foundation was established over 24 years ago, by Ellie Lindsay, as District Nurse in Suffolk, to relieve suffering from problems of the lower limb and associated conditions through the implementation of an award-winning model.

Ellie became aware of evidence that social factors and isolation could significantly affect individuals experiencing problems of the lower limb and their response to treatment. This led Ellie to introduce the concept of community-based leg ulcer care which has grown into a network of evidence-based clinics that have subsequently won several awards. These clinics are known as Leg Clubs.

The Leg Club model aims to motivate and empower individuals to take ownership of their care, alleviate their suffering, and reduce the stigma attached to their condition. Person-centred care is a vital part of providing successful treatment for people with problems relating to the lower limb and chronic leg wounds.

HARTMANN’s Wound Management Team is proud to be backing Leg Clubs across the country and cannot wait to support all healthcare professionals, members, and the local community involved.

This new partnership demonstrates HARTMANN’s brand promise and commitment to go further for health.
Discover the Leg Club online and the fantastic support they deliver (