Healthy minds, healing hands webinars a success


As HARTMANN’s recent series of free webinars on mental health comes to a close, over 90% of participants rated the events an overwhelming success, helping with their knowledge around Mental Health in the workplace. Don’t worry, if you have missed out this time, please keep in touch as the team will be running further events soon.

Mandy Dougherty, Regional Business Manager at HARTMANN comments, “It is estimated that as many as 1 in 6 people have experienced a common mental health problem in the last week1 alone. Within the medical profession, this figure may be even higher, and research has shown that those on the front line are often reluctant to seek help and advice early”.

“We were therefore delighted that over 200 medical professionals from across the UK, registered for our three recent webinar events. An overwhelming majority of attendees found that it increased their knowledge and many have already recommended the events to colleagues. Our key message was be kinder to yourself and spot problems early, in order to protect your mental health and those around you.”

‘HARTMANN: Healthy Minds, Healing Hands’ seminars focused on:

  • Impact of the pandemic crisis on mental health
  • Spotting the signs of poor mental health
  • Managing anxiety
  • How to protect your mental health

These events were conducted virtually via Microsoft TEAMS and lasted a maximum of an hour. Guest speaker, David Beeney, founder of Breaking the Silence Ltd spoke to participants about spotting the signs of poor mental health and tactics to manage your own wellbeing during challenging times.

Feedback included: “Very good session and it was great that some participants were able to relate their stories and experience; much more of the same please; very interesting and thought provoking session; some good tips; very relevant and helpful; longer event or written information to refer to in the future would be helpful.”

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