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Anticipating change, one need at a time

Times change. But people’s needs change faster.

The healthier me

Hiker standing at the peak of a mountain"

Germans love two things: travelling and hiking. And even 60 years ago -- to the highest point in Germany -- HARTMANN took the first step to meet German consumers wherever they were.

“Our first real stake in personal health came in the form of first aid kits for travellers,” said Holger Prange, division lead for personal healthcare at HARTMANN. “At that time, they were famously known as ‘Wanderfreund’, the hikers’ friend.”

Products like the company’s first thermometer and its first automatic electronic blood pressure monitors followed.

“Most people make health an absolute priority. It is their most precious asset. They take personal responsibility for their own health, not only in order to prevent illness but to also enhance their quality of life and be there for those they love”, said Holger. “Now, more than ever, people are determined to manage their own health in a way that fits to their lifestyle.”

Reliability vs. “Dr. Google”

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Earlier research from the U.S. think tank, the Pew Research Center, found that 72 percent of adult internet users searched online for health information. However, 90 percent of Wikipedia articles, representing the 10 most costly medical conditions, contain errors, according to the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

The problem is that people want answers – fast. But “Dr. Google”, while always available, often provides no clear answers.

For HARTMANN, between this easily accessible (but often confusing) health information, and a need for accurate health answers, there was a gap.

“In May 2017, we launched a new generation of networked measurement devices for the prevention of heart disease and strokes or for a targeted activity and body analysis,” Holger added. “We wanted to provide a complete system for people to keep long-term records of their own vital signs and by doing so, stay healthy.”

Connecting patient and doctor

Veroval diagnostics range
The new range combines blood pressure monitors, bathroom scales or an activity tracker, and it also digitally stores the records centrally.

“Today people can easily share their data with a doctor if they want to,” said Holger. “Monitoring of the progression of vital signs over time is simplified. This ensures that health problems can be detected early and given targeted medical treatment by healthcare professionals.”

“At the beginning of a product process, we always ask ourselves, what does the customer, patient or healthcare professional really need. This is especially important now, as demands of customers are constantly changing.”

Today’s at-home health solutions must also meet two simple requirements: an attractive design and intuitive handling. To meet these targets, HARTMANN asked more than 10,000 customers about their products and their findings were promising.

“Am I pregnant?” Certainty is king

A young mother kisses her baby
Already in 2016 HARTMANN introduced the self-test line. “We wanted to know what questions customers would like to answer and for what types of health issues would consumers like to test at home,” said Holger. “Prevention, intolerances, allergies, and family planning were top of the list.”

HARTMANN’s first suite of at-home self-tests, currently reveals an accuracy rating between 94 to 99 per cent according to clinical studies.
Holger Prange
Holger Prange
“Waiting for answers when you need them often creates a feeling of helplessness,” said Holger. “No mother or father-to-be wants to wait for a doctor’s appointment to learn they are expecting a child.”

To date, the division offers 14 different tests ranging from allergy to gluten intolerance with an average waiting time of ten minutes for results.

“A doctor will always provide the final diagnosis. We will never interfere with that process,” said Holger. “We simply strive to be the link between growing patient needs and proper HCP care.