Wound Care

What if fewer dressings meant faster wound healing?

Our unique HydroTherapy treatment concept is just one example of our holistic innovation strategy.

Keep up to date with the latest innovations and development in wound care

At HARTMANN we are committed to using the knowledge we’ve acquired over the past 100 years to deliver innovations and improve outcomes in the fields of wound management and compression therapy - for healthcare professionals, health economists and patients. In the past ten years we have transformed dressings from ‘cover and absorb’ to therapeutic products that actively promote healing.

From negative pressure wound therapy to classical wound treatments

HARTMANN offers an extensive range of products for wound management: Hydroactive Wound Dressings (Polyacrylate, foam, alginates, hydrocolloids, hydrogels), Impregnated contact Layers, Absorption Pads (extra and high absorbent), Post-op Dressings (waterproof/transparent, absorbent and high absorbent), Adhesive Fixation (waterproof/transparent, strong adhesion, spool plaster, sports tape), Non-adhesive Fixation (non-cohesive, net and tubular bandages, wound relief dressing), Gauze (non-woven swabs, special forms, cannula/tube care).
HARTMANN’s compression and support products consist of: Compression bandages (stretch <100%) and="">Padding bandages.