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The first Wounds International webcast of 2019

The first Wounds International webcast of 2019, chaired by Professor Marco Romanelli, focuses on the recommendations from thenew WUWHS consensus document “Wound exudate: effective assessment and management”.

Exudate plays a key role in wound healing. However, exudate can delay healing when in the wrong amount, place or composition. Effective assessment and management of exudate is, therefore, key to ensuring timely wound healing without complications.

In this webcast you will gain insights into:
* The role of exudate In wound healing and non-healing
* The effective assessment and management of exudate to prevent exudate-relatedcomplications
* The appropriate use of dressings and devices in exudate management

Prof. Marco Romanelli
Professor and Chairman, Department of Dermatology, University of Pisa (Italy)
Prof. Marco Romanelli

To open, Professor Marco Romanelli (Italy) will explore the newly proposed WUWHS definition of exudate. Before covering the impact of exudate level and compositional changes of exudate on patients and wound healing.

Prof. Paul Chadwick
Honorary Consultant Podiatrist, Salford Royal Foundation Trust: visiting Professor in Tissue Viability, Birmingham City University (UK)
Prof. Paul Chadwick

Professor Paul Chadwick (UK) will then discuss the local management of wound exudate, with a focus on the ideal dressing characteristics and when devices may be appropriate.

Prof. Hans Smola
Professor of Dermatology, University of Cologne, Medical Director PAUL HARTMANN AG (Germany)
Prof. Hans Smola

To conclude, Professor Hans Smola (Germany) will acknowledge the role of superabsorbent polymer dressings and their position in effective exudate management.


5 minsNew proposed definition of wound exudate
Marco Romanelli
 10 minsExudate in non-healing wounds: impact of exudate level production and compositional changes
Marco Romanelli
 10 mins

Local management of wound exudate: Dressings - the mainstay of exudate management
Paul Chadwick

 10 minsSuperabsorbent polymers: the fast-growing dressing category for effective exudate management
Hans Smola