Baktolan® protect

The water-in-oil (W/O) cream moisturises highly stressed skin with its rich formula that includes urea and protects the hands from water-based solutions.  
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supports the natural protective function of healthy skin protects longlasting against harmful water-soluble substances effective prophylaxis against chapped and brittle skin targeted skin-care by urea and beeswax free of silicones and preservatives long-lasting protection free of parabens

Baktolan® protect

Product Information 100 ml tube
Article Number
1 Piece of 100 ml
1 Box of 25 Pieces
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
100 ml tube
Article Number 9801400
1 Piece of 100 ml 1 Box of 25 Pieces 4031678031207 4031678031214


Baktolan protect is specifically developed for the prophylactic protection against occupational skin damage and prior to contact with water-soluble substances such as solvents, alkalis or acids. It can be used as a supplement to protective gloves, before starting work, after breaks and as intensive care after work. Baktolan protect provides long-lasting moisture to dry skin and makes the skin feel smoother. The natural ingredient urea provides for a proven skin hydration.