HARTMANN Direct Scores Highly in Institute of Customer Service (ICS) Business Benchmarking Survey


HARTMANN Direct has scored an impressive 89.6 UK Customer Service Index (UKCSI – July 2020) in comparison to the UK ‘all sector’ average of 77.0, in a recent Institute of Customer Service (ICS) Business Benchmarking Survey.

The survey, conducted by ICS, an independent professional membership body for customer service, provides valuable insights into customers’ experiences and helps drive business performance through service excellence, by benchmarking performance against competitors.

Since first becoming members of the Institute in July 2017, HARTMANN Direct has continued to score highly above both the Retail (Non-food) UKCSI and index and the Overall ‘all sector’ UKCSI.

The main areas where customers felt that HARTMANN Direct had excelled against the industry standard were its ethics, emotional connection, ethos, and experience. Customers also felt that staff were competent, helpful, easy to deal with, and provided fast and responsive service.

In response to the recent survey results, Customer Service Manager, Kelly Nicholls has commented “We are delighted with the results of the ICS survey. It is a true testament to the continued commitment, dedication, and hard work of our team in delivering exceptional service to our customers. Customer feedback is extremely important to us, as it helps us improve our services and overall customer experience; it helps us to better understand our customers and tailor our solutions to their needs.”

As for many companies, the last year has been particularly challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has impacted all communities and individuals, particularly those customers who are vulnerable. For the HARTMANN Direct customer service team, this meant offering greater support for vulnerable customers and those who may be feeling a greater sense of isolation during lockdown. The results of the survey have reinforced the value and importance that the HARTMANN team placed on the customer experience building on relationships and ensuring effective and compassionate communication with our customers, particularly during these difficult times.

With over 35 years of continence product experience in the UK, HARTMANN Direct is proud to have been awarded Finalist of The Institute of Customer Service 3 years in a row since 2018. It is this commitment to putting the customer at the heart of our business that pushes us to strive for business and customer service excellence.