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HARTMANN Launch International Fit to Lead Programme


HARTMANN Launch International Fit to Lead Programme

HARTMANN are excited to launch their new leadership programme Fit to Lead, which aims to nurture new and emerging management talent across large parts of Europe. The programme, which is the first of its kind, will bring 15 individuals from different countries together to develop their skills and leadership styles.

Dedicated to developing and retaining talent, HARTMANN aim to help the selected individuals develop clarity in their role and confidence as leaders. With changes in healthcare systems, innovations in market trends and digital transformation providing an opportunity for the team to grow even stronger, now feels like the perfect time to invest in the HARTMANN team and provide foundations for long and successful careers.

First-line managers from the UK, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Greece and The Netherlands have been nominated by their Managing Director to take part in the exclusive new programme which aims to provide clarity, confidence and create opportunities on a global level. The individuals will have the opportunity to travel to different HARTMANN countries including Spain and Belgium to develop international connections. “It’s important to get a feel for how other organisations and cultures work as part of the HARTMANN GROUP” Abid Al-Qasmi, HR Manager at HARTMANN UK&I claims, “we’re a global organisation so it’s nice to get a feel for the different parts of the world. I want the managers to build international, cross-functional relationships with other colleagues so that they can collaborate through good practice.”

The six-day programme which begins in Barcelona, will be broken up into three modules focusing on; leadership basics and people management, communication, feedback and managing conflicts as well as managing a team and dealing with change.

To ensure that participants get the most valuable experience from the programme, HARTMANN have enlisted the help of Nick Girling of Nick Girling Associates Limited. Nick is an experienced business leader with 14 years’ experience of facilitating leadership and management programmes on a global basis. He has worked with a number of medical device companies across the UK and globally making him the perfect choice to guide the team.

Al-Qasmi states, “if we have managers developing people in the right way, it will develop confident staff.” HARTMANN believe that it is crucial to invest in their employees and this gives an unrivalled opportunity for a new generation of managers to understand other cultures and working environments, connect with international colleagues and create a common leadership approach across HARTMANN in Europe. He adds “The main goal is to increase personal performance in their role as a leader by providing new tools, philosophies and ideas learnt on the programme which can be applied to daily work.”

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