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A study dedicated to eliminating infection

prevenIRAS: HAI (healthcare-associated infections) prevention in Spain

Watch out, HAI!

Did you know? 4.1 million so-called HAI (healthcare-associated infections) account for an incredible 16 million additional days in hospital each year for patients across Europe.

Focus on reducing HAI

HAI chart
It should therefore come as no great surprise that the reduction of these infections is a top priority in the health sector. Eliminating HAIs was the driver for a study carried out at Bellvitge Hospital in Barcelona. The catalogue of measures developed for the study, based on HARTMANN's Plan prevenIRAS, was aimed at standardization and hygiene compliance for infection prevention. Observations and surveys were used to measure the hygiene compliance and, in the process, employee satisfaction – an important, human aspect that is often neglected. Read the whole study here:

Every third HAI is a urinary tract infection...

... mainly caused by catheterization – up to 70% of these infections could be avoided. For this reason, the nursing staff of Bellvitge Hospital made themselves available for the case study. The aim was to identify key factors that support infection prevention and thus further increase patient safety.

Mission Impossible or the road to success?

HARTMANN MediSet Advance, Sterillium® Med and the Eurodispenser
Over a period of 30 months, more than 120 hospital employees received training, recorded catheterizations and implemented new working methods and product solutions from HARTMANN; including MediSet Advance, Sterillium® Med and the Eurodispenser 3Flex. In collaboration with the hospital HARTMANN standardized the process of inserting the urinary catheter. Afterwards, the key steps were translated into infographics.

These were hung up at strategically important locations in the hospital to remind staff in a positive, playful way of compliance with the hygiene measures. And they were used as last reminder before opening the MediSet. The success was then measured through observations with the Observe App.

The results speak for themselves

figures study
A standardized process, staff training and the selection of the most appropriate medical materials proved to be the keys to success. The measures taken made a decisive contribution to reducing urinary tract infections. The implementation of the program also resulted in greater satisfaction among the clinic staff:

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