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A collaborative, non-profit initiative that defines global health care hygiene standards for professionals and the general public.


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By working in a team and thinking holistically outside of the box, international initiatives for better hygiene in hospitals can change the world.


is an international initiative in which HARTMANN has joined forces with other partners from industry, research, hospital management and healthcare organisations. The goal is to increase awareness of and improve hospital cleaning and environmental hygiene. The focus is on increasing patient safety, user protection and reducing hospital-acquired infections.

is a reliable and independent source of information for both hygiene specialists and the general public. CLEAN HOSPITALS is a non-profit organisation in which leading experts collaborate across disciplines.

Clarity about recommended actions:

HARTMANN brings its expertise in various fields to the table. The ‘Mapping Guidelines’ working group is closely examining the current global recommended actions and asks the following questions: Are there gaps in our knowledge or contradictory information? Where is the evidence missing or where are recommendations too vague? With subsequently developed position papers and publications in scientific journals, the working group wants to create clarity based on evidence.

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Optimised hospital cleaning:

The ‘Transposable Model’ working group, in which HARTMANN is also involved, aims, for example, to identify all those key factors that may affect the hygiene standard in a hospital that play a role in the cleaning of a hospital. These factors will be incorporated into a model that hospitals will be able to use toanalysetheir hygiene standard. The analysis will enable continuous improvement of cleaning measures. The model will be scalable and globally transferable to all conditions. Decision makers around the world will thus be able to rapidly find an answer to an important question: what measures are necessary tooptimisecleaning and in this way reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections?

Would you like to know more?

Important information about CLEAN HOSPITALS is available at A global ‘Clean Hospitals Day’ is planned for October of this year.

For more information see the video interview.

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