Surgical Instruments

Peha® -instrument are single-use instruments made of matt brushed, high-quality stainless steel. They are processed in the EU and offer similar characteristics as multi-use instruments in terms of intended performance, haptics and design. Peha® -instrument come in individual sterile packaging with a shelf life of 5 years, are always at hand in a ready-to-use condition and can be used for a variety of surgical interventions. Not only are Peha® -instrument convenient to use but they also allow for precise handling during procedures. Furthermore, Peha® color lock® safety marking allows quick and reliable differentiation from multi-use instruments and the self-adhesive traceability label on the packaging facilitates easy, fast, and less error prone data entry into the patient records. By using Peha® -instrument, you can simplify processes, reduce workload on your reprocessing unit, save on fixed costs associated with the reprocessing unit, and eliminate repair costs. These qualities make Peha® -instrument an excellent choice for health care facilities with no processing unit. Additionally, they are recyclable and may be disposed of in existing clinical waste disposal containers after use.