Helping, caring and protecting for more than 200 years

With more than 200 years in the business of wound treatment, we’ve clearly defined our purpose.Click here for more information about our 200 year history.

At HARTMANN Wound Care, we view healthcare professionals as partners. Together we go beyond the product, beyond the standard and beyond the now to make progression of complete wound healing a reality for everyone.

The business of healthcare is changing. With growing patient needs and numbers, healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure to treat patients faster and keep costs low while managing wounds consistently and successfully.

HARTMANN Wound Care Support for Health Professionals


Aged care solution

Simply offers a way to improve wound care by reducing the complexity of selecting products to manage wound healing.


Value added solution

Professional development network dedicated to the continued clinical professional development of healthcare professionals. LINK gives healthcare professionals access to a dedicated educational hub, global congress events, on-demand education, virtual education and much more.

Wound Care, Simplified

To help you provide even better patient care, we have created the smart phone App Simply Wound Care. The App assists health care professionals with choosing the most suitable product for your patients.

Now available on iPad and iPhone

Product Range

When it comes to the welfare of the people, ideas are needed. Our ideas for the benefit of people have over a 100-year tradition in the treatment of wounds, as well as their implementation in routine medical practice. In the last decade, research has opened many new perspectives in the treatment of wounds.

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