Out of 100 hospitalized patients, 5 will acquire at least one hospital acquired infection: HAI are a major issue in hospital (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control). About them, surgery and OR come often in mind. However, care procedures outside OR play a central role, they represent million and million of procedures per year and are a critical moment for infection spreading.

MediSet® is the brand of disposable care sets by HARTMANN. These sets are used to carry out treatment steps according to a set procedure.
MediSet® procedure sets are at the core of care procedure in wards and has an important contribution to make in preventing infections.
MediSet® Sterile single use sets contain the necessary components, in the right order, to allow healthcare professionals to perform a given care procedure in compliance with asepsis requirements.

MediSet® empowers healthcare professionals to provide better care for their patients with single-use care procedure sets that effectively combine convenience and risk prevention – allowing for maximum safety and efficiency in care procedures.