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Health, Safety and Environment Guidelines for Visitors

HSE Guidelines

As a visitor, you must read the HSE guidelines and regulations carefully to visit our production and development plant.

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Do not run
Register your name and information in Reception while your contact will pick you up. Do not transit without attention through the plant enclosure. Walk Do not Run. Go up and down stairs using the handrail.
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No smoking
Smoking is prohibited except in the 2 authorized areas: office building terrace and next to the main entrance to the floor building.
Not wear accessories
In the Operational areas of operation (production, warehouses, etc.) it is not allowed to wear watches, rings, chains, necklaces or long earrings. The use of safety shoes is mandatory, clothing must be attached to the body and long hair must be collected.
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Protection equipment
Use personal protective equipment where safe practices require it (wear hearing protection in areas marked with orange lines).
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Do not touch equipment
Do not touch or handle equipment without being formed or having isolated all energies. Follow the lock-out procedure.
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Approved chemicals
Use only plant approved chemicals. Do not pour any liquid or allow an object to go to the sewer.
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Follow the crosswalks
Follow the crosswalks and pay attention at the crossings. Do not enter pedestrian-truck areas (delimited by blue lines) if the truck is inside. Wear safety vest in warehouses and waste zone.
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Waste control
Any waste or disposable material must be controlled. Tell your manager what waste or materials you will generate, and tell you how to handle them.
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Feedback Report
Report any type of accident / incident to your manager and give feedback of any unsafe behavior observed.

Fire, injuries or emergency

Read the regulations in case of fire, injuries or emergency:

fire-alarm icon
Alarm button
Press the nearest alarm button.
emergency-call icon
Call 8777
Call the emergency number: 8777
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Ask for Help
If no other option is possible, shout for help.

In case of evacuation, the public adress warning will sound

Please proceed in order as follows:

  • Contact your plant manager. He will tell you what to do.
  • Go out with the personnel of the area where you are, without running, following the evacuation routes.
  • Exit the emergency exits and go to the meeting point in front of the office building, where you will be identified.