PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation

Master a common practice to stop Surgical Site Infections more effectively.

PREVENTIA® Surgical irrigation

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Unique composition of two active substances

Polyhexanide (PHMB)

Has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and is effective against biofilms. PHMB penetrates the cell membranes of bacteria, where it removes biofilms and provides a robust defense against harmful microbes. 1


It works as a surfactant that reduces the tension between two materials. Thanks to this, the active substance PHMB can reach the site of action more effectively.

PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation - discover solutions against formation of bioflims

Biofilms need to be prevented and pose a heightened risk of poor surgical outcomes. They need to be managed and removed, even better prevented for effective and timely wound healing.

Bacterial settlement and the formation of biofilm*

Bacteria can produce Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) to shield themselves from both mechanical and chemical attack. PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation addresses bacterial resilience with its specialized formula that deconstructs the EPS matrix using Poloxamer (surfactant) and enhances the effect of PHMB. *Percival (2017), British Journal of Surgery, Volume 104, Issue 2, pages e85-e94, 25 JAN 2017, DOI: 10.1002/bjs10433,

PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation in use

Forms an integral part of a comprehensive approach to prevent Surgical Site Infections (SSI) effectively.

Empower healthcare professionals to give the best medical care to their patients.

Ensures visibility as it effectively flushes out tissue debris, metabolic waste, and wound exudate during surgical operations.
PREVENTIA® can be used primarily in two segments:

Widely used in orthopedic procedures – hip/knee revison (infected and non-infected due to loosening), primary hip/knee arthoplasty.

It is suitable for use during every operation in the phase of wound closing (considering IFU).
It can be used like conventional rinsing fluids in appropriate phases of the operation.

It works with all common devices used for the purpose of surgical irrigation.

No secondary rinse out required.

Pulse lavage compatible.

Effectiveness of PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation

Test results demonstrate reduction of 99.99% of bacteria. Other tested solutions are less effective.*

* In-vitro results on planktonic time kill assay to evaluate the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Data on file.

Advantages of PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation

Broad antimicrobial spectrum of effectiveness (1)
Fast activity in just 1 minute (2)
More tissue friendly than PVP-I (3)
Reduces reformation of Biofilm

compared to HOCl and saline & Ringer's solutions (2)
Superior to HOCl and saline (3)

Promotes wound healing (1)
(1)Kramer et al. (2018) Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2018; 31(1):28–58 (related to PHMB).
Data on file.
Data on file.

The speed of action of PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation

Due to the excellent combination of two active substances and their unique concentration, PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation achieves an effect in just 1 minute* and it is more tissue friendly than PVP-Iodine*

* The data collected from the time kill study supports potent and rapid antimicrobial activity of Preventia ag P. aeruginosa, C.albicans, S. aureus, MRSA, VRE and A. baumanii with complete eradication of all six strains after 5 minutes - data on file.

Product Information

Prevention contribution
A helper in SSI prevention that actively cleans and promotes healing
Proven better results
Works significantly better than other common irrigation fluids
Unique bottle design
Offers a better release of liquid, handling, and storage
Eco friendliness (4)
Saves 0.58 tonnes of CO2 for every SSI prevented
(4)Kocaman M., Galvain T. -The cost analysis of the environmental impacts of Surgical Site Infection from the Perspective of NHS England, 2021. 5. The data collected from the time kill study supports potent and rapid antimicrobialactivity of Preventia ag P. aeruginosa, C.albicans, S. aureus, MRSA, VRE and A. baumanni with complete eradication of all six strains after 5 minutes - data on file.

Order table

DescriptionProduct numberUnit sizeOuter size
PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation999 560350 mlPackage 10 bottles
PREVENTIA® Surgical Irrigation999 5501000 mlPackage 12 bottles

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