DISINFACTS | Special edition 2023

3 Editorial Dear readers, Precaution for human health also includes the protection of the natural environment. This is becoming increasingly clear - at the latest - in times of climate change and in view of dwindling natural resources. The entire healthcare industry therefore has a duty to develop sustainable working methods and products. For this reason, we have decided to publish this special issue of our DISINFACTS magazine. In this issue you will find food for thought and solutions that show how the balancing act between patient and environmental protection can succeed. One such solution that we would like to present to you are the new Bacillol® Zero Tissues from HARTMANN. We have used sustainable components at every level of the product for these disinfectant wipes. This ranges from the packaging - foil and cardboard - to the wipes themselves and our new active ingredient complex based on organic fruit acids. However, recyclable products only achieve their full environmental effectiveness if they are actually recycled. In an interview, an expert from Bonn University Hospital explains why this is a problem in the German healthcare sector and what modern and financially rewarding waste management in hospitals can look like. The project "Klimaretter - Lebensretter" (Climate Savers - Life Savers), which was launched in 2017 by the viamedica Foundation in Freiburg, shows what climate protection in the healthcare sector can look like. At the same time, however, a study by the foundation also shows that there is still a lot to be done if climate protection and everyday hospital life are to be reconciled in the future. With this in mind: enjoy reading and stay healthy! Yours, Dr. Heide Niesalla Head of HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER Dr. Henning Mallwitz Director Research & Development Dr. Heide Niesalla Dr. Henning Mallwitz