DISINFACTS | Special edition 2023

DISINFACTS is published on behalf of BODE Chemie GmbH – A company of the HARTMANN GROUP, Hamburg www.hartmann-science-center.com www.hartmann.info Editorial team: HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER Text: Dr. Julia Dittmann, Arnd Petry Design: Beling Agentur für visuelle Kommunikation, Hamburg Picture credits: Title: IStockphoto; S. 2/3: IStockphoto; S. 6/7/8: Bonn University Hospital (UKB); S.10: BODE Chemie GmbH – Ein Unternehmen der HARTMANN GRUPPE; S. 12/13: Marco Grundt, IStockphoto; S.15: IStockphoto; S. 16: Shutterstock, 1263201358; S.18: IStockphoto, GreenCare. https://bcgreencare.ca/; S. 19: viamedica; S.20: IStockphoto; S. 23: PAUL HARTMANN AG; S. 24: Lenzing AG Example of nonwoven fibers originating from nature Wood-based VEOCEL™ fibers The raw material for VEOCELTM fibres comes from sustainable wood sources derived from sustainably managed forests. The fibres are cellulosic fibres of botanic origin, being derived from the renewable material wood. VEOCELTM fibres transfer the essence of nature into nonwoven products by combining inherent advantages of cellulose: natural absorbency and liquid distribution within nonwoven substrates, biodegradability, and versatility. forest wood pulp cellulosic fibre fabric application Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use. [Please amend in accordance with local requirements (e.g. law of advertising, product status, CLP labelling)] biodegradable* VEOCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG. *The fibres have been certified as biodegradable Expert advice Our experts will advise you on our products and on topics related to disinfection, hygiene and infection control. science-center@hartmann.info Tel.: +49 (0)40 - 54 00 6 -111