DISINFACTS | Special edition 2023

12 INTERVIEW “Bacillol® Zero is the next generation of surface disinfection“ As Surface Product Manager in the global marketing team of HARTMANN subsidiary BODE Chemie in Hamburg, Leonie Weichsel is an expert in surface disinfection. In an interview with DISINFACTS, she explains what customers can expect from the innovative Bacillol® Zero Tissues. Sustainable at all levels: active ingredients, wipes, packaging What is so special about the components used that ultimately make Bacillol® Zero Tissues such a sustainable product? Unlike with the active ingredient, you haven't reinvented the wheel again, have you? Not that, but we have consistently focused on sustainable substances. With Bacillol® Zero Tissues, we have a green concept on all levels! The disinfectant wipe itself, for example, is made from raw materials that come from sustainable forestry. It is therefore completely free of plastic fibres. This is an innovation. In the past, plastic wipes were always the standard. The non-woven cloth fibres used now are biodegradable. It is similar with the packaging: as a consequence of our claim to sustainability, we have also decided to use a packaging foil that is 100% recyclable. The foil is made of a plastic monomaterial, more precisely polypropylene. This is also not the market standard in the disinfectant wipes sector. Composite foil consisting of several plastics are normally used. However, these are not recyclable because the different processed plastics can no longer be separated from each other. Our new Bacillol® Zero Tissues are therefore particularly sustainable, from the formulation to the wipe to the packaging. We can therefore say with a clear conscience: Green on all levels! Ms. Weichsel, with Bacillol® Zero Tissues, HARTMANN is offering a new product in the field of surface disinfection. What additional values do Bacillol® Zero Tissues offer your customers? Our customers benefit from Bacillol® Zero Tissues in many ways. First and foremost, it is a very sustainable product because it has more than 98.5% ingredients of natural origin and sustainable components are used at every level. This ranges from the primary packaging to the secondary packaging - i.e. the foil and the cardboard - to the disinfectant wipes and the new, innovative active ingredient complex: "Organic Acid Complex". Another important aspect for our customers in this context is that the product is free of any hazardous substance labelling thanks to its ingredients. Overall, Bacillol® Zero Tissues have up to 75% lower carbon footprint than conventional low-alcohol surface disinfectant wipes due to the consistent use of sustainable components. The calculation is based on the raw materials and other substances used as well as the transport routes required for production. What motivated HARTMANN to develop such a sustainable product? Did your customers demand it? We developed the product concept out of our own drive and conviction. At HARTMANN, we are committed to protecting people and their health. This has always been the goal of our products, including surface disinfection. We wanted to expand this protection claim by going beyond the task of disinfection to include the protection of the world around us. Bacillol® Zero Tissues live up to this claim: it is a holistic, sustainable product concept. If you like, Bacillol® Zero Tissues embody the next generation of surface disinfection, because it is ensured from the outset that application, efficacy, and packaging concept are tailored to the user and the environment. We are convinced that this is exactly what the market will need in the coming years. That is why we developed Bacillol® Zero Tissues. Ingredients Wipes Packaging