Knowing your blood pressure: Taking control of hypertension for prevention.

This year on 17 May 2018, the global spotlight is on high blood pressure, to raise awareness and fight hypertension globally.

In supporting the awareness campaign, HARTMANN also focuses on the importance and ease of self-testing to stay in control of blood pressure and prevent complications from hypertension.

blood pressure monitor from Veroval®

As it affects around 4 in 10 adults over the age of 25, hypertension is a widespread condition, though not always a well-known or understood danger. For the elderly, risk of developing hypertension increases significantly, and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) estimates that 9 in 10 adults living to the age of 80 will develop hypertension. Only half of those people know it, and around half of those aware will take any action to control blood pressure through lifestyle modification or medicine. According to the ISH, 10 million people around the world die each year due to raised blood pressure – it is a figure that can and should be significantly reduced.

Hypertension is a danger to adults in every country around the globe, though in some countries the numbers increase to 1 in 5 with pre-hypertension. While some people have a hereditary predisposition to hypertension, it is not a condition limited to those with a family history of cardiovascular issues. Since World Hypertension Day was inaugurated in 2005, it has been an occasion to remind the global population to get their blood pressure checked – at least once per year for all adults, whether they know they are pre-hypertensive or not.

Knowledge is power, power is prevention

This year, World Hypertension Day 2018 will focus on how regular blood pressure checks and understanding the measurement data can empower those affected by high blood pressure to prevent complications. Also known as the ‘silent killer’, hypertension can lead to a multitude of cardiovascular issues over time, by damaging the blood vessels of the heart and brain and potentially leading to heart disease, stroke or kidney disease, loss of vision or even sudden death. In many cases, these deaths are preventable, as blood pressure can be easily monitored at home, at a clinic, a pharmacy or elsewhere.

Awareness is growing about lifestyle factors that can aggravate hypertension and cause cardiovascular disease. However, linking such lifestyle facts and figures to actual data about blood pressure has previously been difficult. Once a test confined to the doctor’s surgery, now sufferers of hypertension can take charge of their own lives with self-testing kits and help prevent serious health crises occurring. HARTMANN believes that antihypertensive treatments should be easy to use and motivating for sufferers of hypertension to manage their condition. A new range of premium measurement devices do just that – Veroval® range makes it easier to keep long-term records of key vital signs.

blood pressure monitor from Veroval®

The upper arm blood pressure monitor from Veroval® enables users to track their blood pressure at the time and place that suits them best. As well as providing accurate measurements, it is a method of measurement that is safe and comfortable to use, as well as a reliable aggregator of data. Veroval® medi.connect software means that blood pressure measurements can be stored on a PC, and then users can provide this data to their physicians whenever necessary.

Since lifestyle factors are key to managing high blood pressure, and are a core part of the global awareness campaign surrounding hypertension, HARTMANN has introduced a mobile ECG and blood pressure monitor for stroke prophylaxis, an activity wristband for exercise analysis plus bathroom scales for body and weight analysis. All these Veroval® devices can be linked to one other, thereby consolidating data and assisting users to self-administer tests and help draw initial conclusions concerning further diagnostic and therapeutic action.

Such self-testing, monitoring and implementation of lifestyle changes are all important steps in managing hypertension. Preventative lifestyle measures recommended by the ISH include healthy eating (reducing sodium, eating more fruit and vegetables), limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption, no smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight and being physically active. For each individual, treatment will be different, and should be planned and enacted under medical supervision. Though for every person, the message of World Hypertension Day 2018 is the same – know your numbers. Be aware of your blood pressure numbers, monitor them closely, and seek help to keep those numbers steady and healthy.