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MoliCare® | Continence Management

MoliCare® is the brand name of our much-loved continence care products. Over 50 years of brand heritage are linked to the MoliCare brand worldwide, and over more recent years, it has been a much-loved brand by our NHS.

Many trusted products within the MoliCare portfolio are designed to fit every continence management need, from slight to severe incontinence and gender-specific products to skincare.

Using extensive research, we find holistic solutions that meet individuals’ practical demands and give them emotional confidence and a secure feeling through our products.

The MoliCare® product portfolio not only absorb urine and capture faeces to prevent leakage but actively protect the affected skin, providing a unique range of secure and skin-friendly products that are easy to use and comfortable to wear for all ages.

Why MoliCare®?

MoliCare® incontinence products take care of what matters by:

  • Providing optimal leakage protection and maintaining healthy skin enables those living with incontinence to live a comfortable, closer to normal life again, giving make self-control and confidence.
  • Focussing on the professional caregiver and their need to improve their daily work.
  • Using proven technology to fulfil the highest demands in quality, reliability and efficacy.
  • Developing future-minded solutions that provide healthcare professionals with tools that meet their needs.

Over the long history of the MoliCare® brand, we've worked with healthcare professionals to explore the critical factors needed in a trusted incontinence product. Additionally, we've carried out clinical studies to help define the unique characteristics of our MoliCare® portfolio.

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